Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Snail Mail Revolution!!!

Hey beautiful crafters! Raven here today to share with you something special that I LOVE doing!

I'm tempted to use a ridiculous amount of hashtags in this post! BE WARNED. Don't worry I kid!

So I'm lovin' the Pocket Letter craze going on right now but to be honest my favorite part is the letter. Getting to know someone else and sharing pieces of your life. Having friends all over the country and abroad is such a cool thing. So there is a huge #snailmail community on instagram. You have to check it out if it is something you are interested in. 

On Instagram my username is RavenB28
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So this is the full view of the goodie Pen Pals package going out minus the letter of course.

I used stamps from the adorable Pen Pals stamp set over at Pretty Cute Stamps. 

I just love sending happy mail! I hope you ladies & gents are all having a great week!!!