Monday, March 2, 2015

Quacktastic Notebook!

Earlier this year, I spent time with my extended family at a funeral. 
To entertain the younger ones, I pulled out a decorated notebook from my purse for them to write in.
It was a hand made one from a friend.
But...after seeing how cute a notebook could be,
my neices needed one for themselves!
So, I have been making them per their request.  
I was told that the youngest who just turned two would love a duck and the colors purple and grey.
That is some sophisticated 2 year old! haha

I was so glad to see that Pretty Cute Stamps came out with a duck image during the most recent release.  Perfect timing for me!

Here I used Easter Cuties
which is on sale through March 5th along with the other newly released sets.
Bundle them up and take them home in your crafty Easter basket today.
(The last notebook I need to make is for a 3 year old
who likes fans, washing machines, and vaccums!
Wish me lots of luck!!)

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